god im slow of the mark at the best of times …

remember as a teen  the walls of your room were full of posters stuck all over them from your favourite bands … myn was full of duran duran and boy george .. yep thats right i was a 80’s girl and it was my life .. the music the fashion the technoligy …

well now its my childrens turn to have there fads … there teen idols

ive been searching high and low for posters of there fav glam stars… id pay what ever for a bieber poster …lol

i had family searching high and low in stores for posters of any size .

but next to nothing but a bargain book was found then hmmm lets see its now 2 months past her birthday .. and today … i worked out my printer will do the job for me …..

i did say in the beggining im a bit slow of the mark … well months infact possibly years ive been on the internet for 5 years and had printers for 4 and not once has it entered my mind to print of wiggles pictures .. or elmo pics .

im thinking surley this cant be an illegal act if the product isnt out ther to buy in the first place … im not pirating music … just a small picture and i am paying for it anyway …HP gets my sales in ink

so now im happy i dont need to search for something that isnt even here for sale .. my child gets to idiolise her idiols like i did as a child … music is apart of everyones lives it was in my mothers day and in my day and now in my own childrens lives …..

but there luckier than we were they can find info on there idols . pics posters meet other fans ….i had to buy the Dolly magazine and it was always false info or out dated …. its another world out there for sure thanks to the world of computers ……


fishing with the kids

we seem to be down the port river fishing regularly  its close by the kids can cast out there own rods and from time to time big ships and some dolphins will swim past … we just love it

it was only 19 degrees today so bit cold to go swimming lol

but the kids tried still ..

caught 4 bait fish for the day that was all …

Wild storms in town

Adelaide was drenched with 42mm of rain from 9am Friday morning to 3pm yesterday, with 56mm falling at Elizabeth. Blinman in the Flinders Ranges recorded the state’s largest rainfaill with 117mm, followed by 98mm at Leigh Creek, 64mm at Mount Crawford and 51mm at Loxton and Wallaroo.

Strong winds were experienced across the state with a 106km/h wind gust recorded at Murray Bridge.

as you drive along the roads you see trees fallen down everywhere … road side flooded and  winds that howl loudly rocking your car as you drive . wipers going fast dont do alot to help you see out the windows ….as the rian falls fast

country towns have been  blocked in by flood waters .. no way in or out

even my own rain water tank was full in 30 minutes but the rain kept comming flooding my back area …


and oh looky here just 24 hours later as suspected … next doors tree colapsed yet again this time in his own yard grrrrrr

Day at the fair

ok a ll parents get excited about those big once a year fairs right …. ok maybe the kids get more than us … .. we know we are about to obliterate a lot of money 100 of bucks in fact . on food and rides and show bags  but to see the kids faces is so worth it …

like most parents with small kids we pay the high price just to walk thru the gates and head straight to the clowns oh in this case we got an assortment . the kids won there 20 cent cheap ass jewelry prize … dam it we never win those huge stuff toys i see others walking around with

this year mummy got brave enough to allow 7 year old to go on a very fast grown up ride for the first time of course i made dad go  with her  im not stupid .after a few rounds i noticed she was still chewing that dam chewing gum in her gob .. my heart pounded ..thinking omg gum on a fast ride what if she gasps in excitment and chokes to death  on the gum .. maybe i should make a scence and stop the ride … but she made it ok but the gum went straight in the bin …

we came across the kids petting zoo area they loved it … touching the rabbits guinea pigs and holding the newly hatched chickens … then they went for round 2 … then round 3 .. omg these places suck none of them cater for seating anywhere inside or outside .. my legs were killing me . my poor 7 mth pregnant daughter was about to colapse …. so we sat

and made there dad take them around to see the other animals outside while we rushed for a toilet run

we fed the kids waiting in line for 30 minutes to get a few bags … everyone was tired sore and stressed … but before heading home you just gotta let the kids have one more ride before the day ends …..

the little ones goes on the motor bike and of course like usual screams at the end of each ride . wanting more … so dad given in over and over and over again those last rides before home turns into an hour long stress fest

the few hundred dolars that i  took went very fast

but the kids had a great day out .. and i guess its all about makeing memories

The tree from Hell

this is the tree that is causeing sooo much anger to many …. i live next door to some weird and wonderful  hoarders … they refuse to let anyone in there house . even the owners in to inspect it each year … they planted this tree 16 years ago and well its got out of hand branches are falling of dangerously close to othere house roofs .. the people at the back only just moved in but now have moved out for fear of being CRUSHED TO DEATH IN THERE SLEEP ..

the council have knocked on there door repeatedly asking to inspect this huge tree but encounter the rage of next doors weirdo;s  telling them its a crime they walk on there property even tho it isnt there property ..hmmmm … ive heard all the excuses from them …

its a heritage listed tree ? wtf no it aint its only 16 years old ya freaks

it was from an rare seed ? wtf no it isnt its a common aussie gum tree you freaks

excuses excuses … last year a huge branch came crashing down into my back garden you can see the missing open space … the tree is a danger

people are scared of it and moving out of homes …. yet my hoarding assholes next door dont care about life …..

there getting knocks on there door at least once a week now by officials wanting to inspect this tree …. do they not understand they will eventually be legal action taken …

she the stuttering women next door who is 70 and does cartwheels on my front lawn tells me she is being harassed and bullied by the inspectors … as i keep telling her … hun the tree is a danger let them look at it … but nooooooo

so fuck ya im over you and your tree and the inspectors from now on i wont answer my door or ill simply walk away from you …..



after some strnage wild storms over the past few days …. the tree has become this

and now the dangerous tree looks like this …

we think of child abuse as anything that harms or puts a childs life or health in danger …. so why isnt this seen as a form of abuse by society i wonder

claiming to be nieve isnt an excuse nowadays …unless we live in a house without tv .. most of us know all those bars and cereals are full of sugars and salts … we can’t blame not knowing not in this day and age … … that’s where the line is being crossed

but i also think take out is ok to have we need to teach how to balance foods … and im tired of hearing parents cry … but he wont eat that …. um excuse me hunni who is the parent and who is the child here … children will eat what is put in front of them healthy or not … oh ive been watching the latest Jamie oliver show lol lol hence my stats and thinking lol




ok now that i have stopped laughing so hard ill get on with it

being emo is in and so it teen rebellion although even i did that in my generation … its seems a right of passage to rebel as a teen …

you dress weird .. you yell and shout at your parents and even strangers on the street .. you gel your hair .. you wear lots of make up pierce every part of your body

be mean  , rude . and have the usual LIKE I GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE …

so it makes me almost pee my pants when i look at the newest RAGE  generation coming out there bedrooms ….. oh dont get me wrong … there angry little fuckers … they throw tantrums like perfect teens do oh boy there angry at the world ….

HOWEVER …… they cant and wont live without there … da da da da


THATS IS PEOPLE …. this is what  the meaning of rebellious means to the new generations of boys …….







be warned there near a town near you …